Thursday, April 12, 2007

Earth Day and Events Under Way

First of all, it was a great seminar on "Investing in Real Estate with IRA's and 401K's". Thank you, Satchie Carvounis, Regional Manager, Security Trust for a wonderful presentation.

Back to my passion to spread the word about Global Warming. The Step it Up Organization is conducting a number of events all over the country on April 14th to put more emphasis our this major concern for our planet. Please check out this website, if you have the time, means or motivation, maybe there is something that you may want to do yourself to spread the word.

A reminder of the 37th anniversary of Earth Day this April 22nd. This is one of the first government sponsored and grass roots based organizations that was built upon making this planet a more environmentally sound and safe place to live. It is now celebrated all over the globe. It's a time to get together, volunteer, share ideas, make plans, create ways and solutions to be environmentally aware. Sites of interest, or HAPPY SPRING!


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