Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School starts-TOP 20 Green Colleges

I read this article from the "The Grist" I wanted to share. It is nice to know how colleges are moving towards an eco-friendly environment. So good to know. Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Summer for Real Estate

Some times there are not enough hours in the day. The kids are back to school on Sept. 2nd. And I hope to be back on track with my blog.

Business has been very good. I can't complain. In my opinion, sales in my area the NJ Shore have been much better than last year. I haven't stopped to look at actual numbers in my area but people are out there wanting to buy and not just sitting on the sidelines and waiting.

That being said--prices are still in the down cycle. There are still too many homes on the market for sale. The lessons we learned in school about supply and demand and pricing are at work here. But nevertheless, things are moving right along. The rates are still low and if you are a 1st time buyer even better because right now there is the $8K tax credit that you can take advantage of until November 2009.

For me, I hope to try to enjoy the last couple of weeks with my girls. The weather has been absolutely awesome lately and don't want to waste any time of fun until their off to school.

Wishing you a totally terrific rest of summer no matter where you are. Take a day or even a few hours doing what you LOVE to do. Many Blessings and ENJOY.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NJ Millionaire rating holding steady at Number 3

As the summer is flying by as rapidly as it came, my blog has been suffering for sure. No updates since May shame on me. But if anyone is out there following Real Estate Lu; I am on Twitter and Facebook keeping up with Real Estate tips, Feng Shui tips, Area information, Green innovations and what I feel could be of some value to my readers.
Everyday economy is one of the hot stories. Very happy that the stock market is doing much better this summer. The Real Estate Market on the other hand is still moving very slow. It is moving however; don't get me wrong. I feel that Real Estate sales are higher this year than last. I work in the Monmouth/Ocean market and pay close attention to the Activity, especially what is under contract and closed. I see more buyers lately. Possibly due to many who were waiting it out for the best deals decided to jump in. They are getting them many cases and taking advantage of that $8,000 tax credit that won't be here forever.
Changing gears a bit. My Home State of NJ much to my surprise is still ranking pretty high on the Millionaire list. I just read an article in the Asbury Park Press that notes we are #3. Please read the link below.
That ranking is much to my surprise, since so many that I know have lost jobs, Real Estate inventory is still very high and foreclosures are looming over all the market place. Yet, I am always some one who sees the glass as full and believe that this is the time to make things happen.
Wishing you all a wonderful Summer, until my next update.

Monday, May 25, 2009

SUMMER IS HERE! Great Sexy "GREEN" Swimsuits

Ladies this one is for you!

If you are still shopping for that eye catching swimsuit for summer, check out this link I've provided. These swimsuits are not only sexy but also manufactured in the USA under fair trade practices to earth-friendly fabrics like soy fiber, organic cotton, hemp, recycled denim, and water-based dyes, you'll never guess what some of these upcycled suits once were.

Have fun in the sun and please don't forget your sunblock.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Solar Lighting: More than Just Roof Panels

Solar lighting is a term that has been in the lexicon of eco-friendly energy supporters for years, but in the past it has been dismissed by many as being too expensive and unreliable. However, we’ve seen many advances over the past few years that have enabled solar lighting to become a viable alternative for more and more people. Even so, most of us do not have the time, money, or wherewithal to install solar roof panels. But solar energy is now a readily available, inexpensive, and practical option for folks who are looking to improve their home lighting scheme. So we’ll go over how use solar energy to help power your outdoor lighting setup.

Today there are hundreds of solar lights out there, and a number of major lighting manufacturers utilize the sun’s power. Most of these products are pathway lighting, but recently we’re seeing lanterns, post mounts, and even flood lights that run solely on solar power. This is in large part thanks to technological advances in the production of the photovoltaic cell battery, which is responsible for storing the sun’s energy into usable energy. For a long time, most of these batteries were not powerful enough to be able to store enough energy to provide lighting at night, or if they were then the batteries were too unwieldy and expensive to be able to use for residential lighting. However, changes the chemical makeup of the battery’s semiconductor has enabled the production of smaller batteries that are able to store and release enough energy to provide adequate night lighting. While these batteries are not powerful enough to provide home electricity, their size and inexpensiveness made them ideal for outdoor pathway lighting.

This in turn helped spur a trend among homeowners and landscapers beginning using path lighting, post lanterns, and other forms of outdoor lighting to enhance the appearance of the yard space while at the same time providing a sense of security for the house’s occupants. Outdoor yard lighting for a number of years fell a bit out of vogue, as many viewed it as too expensive and wasteful. But solar technology has enabled the average home resident to purchase additional lighting without having to worry about their impact on the environment, not to mention their electricity bills!

This goes to show that sometimes it is best to think small when it comes to energy saving. While outdoor solar lights might not save as much energy per capita as roof panels, their availability has made them a feasible and eco-friendly option for all homeowners.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Celebrate Earth Week - One little thing that you do can make a difference

EARTH DAY -- Wednesday, April 22rd.

This week is a good time to invest time and effort in making some greener changes in our lives to help us all to live healthier. We can improve our planet by being more conscience of how fragile and scarce our resources have become over the years of neglect and abuse.

A few ways to help, its so easy:

* EARTH WEEK begins today. Don't forget to reduce, reuse, and recyle. Many have children in the Little League. Why not, give your old equipment to someone in need. Don't let it gather
dust in your garage; give another child the opportunity to play! That would include all sports, clothes and items that you are no longer using.

* NATIONAL TURN YOUR TV OFF WEEK is April 20-26th. SO.......turn off the TV and go have a catch with your kids, ride a bike, take a walk. It will be healthy and fun for your whole family!!!

* TRY unplugging all your appliances, computer, TV's after use. You would be amazed at how much you can save in your utility bills and wasted energy overall.

* IT'S a great time to start your own vegetable garden.

* INSTEAD of having lunch delivered to your office, walk to a nearby restaurant and save take-out containers by dining in. Or bring your own container to the restaurant and have it filled there. At the very least, bring a set of your own silverware and a bottle of your favorite condiment to the office so you can skip the plastic utensils and the little packets of salt, pepper, ketchup and soy sauce.

So many things in so many little ways can go a long way. If everyone does one little thing, what a World this can become and what a legacy we will leave for our children and generations after. Let's celebrate Earth Week by living GREENER.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Glossary

I believe that most of us are becoming more aware about our environment and learning more about being healthier in lifestyle, eating right and taking care of our planet.

With that said, I think it would be nice to be up on some of the greener terms that are starting to seep more into our vocabularies and in what your read. I thought it would be helpful to know what Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEs) are. They are found in laundry detergent, Or PABA an ingredient that was used in sunscreens but no longer because about 40% of those who use it are allergic.

A to Z terms and definitions put together by the Green Guide. It's good to be smart and safe. HAPPY SPRING.