Friday, March 30, 2007


This week I thought I would veer away from the usual Green Environmental topics in our Garden State and talk about another kind of Green, the money kind. We have a terrific seminar coming up on the topic of Real Estate investing. Maybe you can use your IRA's or 401K's to invest in a investment property, maybe even a Green home for investment to increase your real estate portfolio. Read on and give a call if you want to know more.............


RE/MAX Gateway, 1500 Allaire Avenue, Suite 103, Ocean Township is hosting a FREE
Investment Seminar on “Investing Your IRA in Real Estate” on Wednesday, April 11th, 1:00 pm
at their office located in Ocean, NJ. Satchie Carvounis is the Mid-Atlantic and South Regional
Manager for Security Trust Company will be a guest speaker at a seminar on
“Investing Your IRA in Real Estate.”

Security Trust Company is a full service self directed retirement administrator, and
they set up self directed IRA/LLCs so you can invest in non traditional assets such as real
estate, mortgages and notes, and private businesses/franchises.

Did you know you or your clients can invest their IRAs and their old 401k’s into real estate?

This seminar will give you information on IRAs, what you can invest in, the IRS guidelines for
investing in an IRA, what to watch out for, how to educate your clients on this subject, and how
to build your client base. Many investors do not know they can use IRA money to purchase real
estate. This gives them another pool of money to use along with personal investing to increase
their portfolio. This seminar is geared toward real estate investors, future real estate investors,
investment property owners, accountants, attorneys or anyone interested in investing in real
estate using their IRA’s.

Please call RE/MAX Gateway to reserve a seat, directions or further information,
732-695-1600, #0 or email

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