Thursday, January 1, 2009

Past Year and New Year Reflections

Another year come and gone. Phew, in a way I was glad to say goodbye to "2008". I found myself officially a single mom in 2008. A new adventure for me and my girls. It is the hardest job I have ever hard in my life.

As a Realtor, a definite challenge with the market being the way it has been. I choose to ignore the bad and focused on the good and had a better year than I did in "2007". I will chose to do so again. The best thing we can all do for ourselves is to be focused on building a bright future, no matter what.

My German Shephard "Sammantha" went to heaven. Sad for me as she was my first baby, my first dog and a faithful and loving companion for almost 14 years. We were all blessed to have her in our lives. I will forever hold her in my heart and cherish all the memories, laughs and fun that we all had as a family. "My Sammy" may she rest in peace.

I learned a lot this year. A lot about life, challenges, being a mom, and a hard worker. I wish to continue moving forward, helping others make a change for the better in their lives. I wish to be able to use my experiences in life to bring forth the best choices for my clients in the Real Estate business. This will be a better year in Real Estate, an ideal time to buy a home or move up to the home you have always wanted. Mortgage rates now are at all time lows and if you can buy-you should buy now.

This will be an interesting year. A new President brings the hope that we all need to have confidence in changing our world for the better. He needs to be the catalyst to helping our economy build itself back together again. He need to be the driving force to bring jobs back, stimulate the housing market and make our country the country it deserves to be.

This year we all have to work together to be a positive force in our lives and if possible the lives of others. I believe that if we all strive for the best, be the best and believe in the best outcomes it will happen. This year brings many more challenges but I think that hard work and good positive thinking we will all overcome.

Lastly, I viewed a video that sends a positive message to all, it's short but does put things in perspective. Enjoy it and God Bless. I wish you my readers, many abundant blessings, great success, good health, love and happiness in this New Year.........


Audeliz said...

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