Friday, October 17, 2008

Where have I been?

I'm embarrassed for not having a post since August 2008. I figured once the kids got in school then I would have some time. September turned into, back to school nights, getting the kids to their after school activities added to being a working single mom took the time by a windstorm. The time just came and went. I can't believe it's mid October. I just about got my Fall decorations out. The weather feels so nice and brisk but not cold. It's such a beautiful time of year.

As of late, I've been keeping track of what is happening in the economy. It has been an economic roller coaster ride just listening to the stock market, loss of jobs, lack of health care in the country crippling so many good people and in the trouble in the housing market. Which I know so well with the lack of sales overall in this country. Housing having the tendency to have a trickle effect to so much.

I have also been paying close attention to the Presidential election as most of you have. Making the best choice for a leader with a good vision of how to resolve the problems created over the last 8 years is an enormous task for anyone to take on. God Bless the next president of the United States to make this country whole again.

Aside from the lack of posting and what I have been up to lately. I have been keeping tabs the ways of Green as I am so passionate about. I joined the local chapter of the USGBC so that I can learn more, educate my readers and my clients alike. I believe very strongly that if anyone tries to change one thing at a time, the world will be a better place both in wellness and saving money for us today and in the future by creating some good habits.

So in honor of Halloween quickly approaching, I wanted to share these tips that I read in the Green Guide, be healthy, save money, have fun. Until next time, wishing you prosperity, joy, love and blessings...........


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