Friday, April 4, 2008

Short Sales and Becoming ProActive

It's been a tough week in Real Estate. It's big concern as selling prices continue to drop and houses not selling as fast as they should in the beginnings of this Spring Market. When I look at is the activity in the MLS becoming more price reductions than UNDER CONTRACT AND CLOSED SALES makes me wonder how soon will this Real Estate Market adjust itself. Even though when we look at the nation as a whole, NJ is not in that bad a shape.

However, here in our lovely Garden State there are other things to consider, the fact the many people are hurting because the weak economy has put many in a position on not being able to make ends meet. We are losing jobs to New York and Pennsylvania then, waiting and waiting for the government to take steps in helping our citizens is a lesson in patience and doing the best we can.

Our homes are our biggest investment and what can we do if we fall to far behind in our mortgages. Something to consider if there are no other alternatives is a short sale on your home before you get too deep in debt and can't get out. Lenders would prefer to try and work a short sale out before go through the process of foreclosure with anyone if there is still time. Banks and Mortgages companies are being bombarded lately with calls. To speak to one individual who is knowledgeable about your situation is tough. If I can help in anyway let me know. I have forms and tips to share with you. I will give you the best advice I can to get you though these hard times.

Call the Bank and let them know you wish to sell your home through a short sale and let a real estate professional help guide you through the process. Hang in there.


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