Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I wrote this poem to remind myself that we all have to keep moving on, be positive, don't be discouraged and believe that all things change. There is balance to all, the good, the bad, the yin, the yang, it's all a cycle we need to ride out. There is always a BRIGHT SIDE.

Amid all the challenging economic times, recession, rising prices at the grocery stores, health insurance, expensive auto insurance, property taxes, housing foreclosures, a slow job market, rising costs of living, the NJ deficit, Gov. Corizine’s proposed toll hikes, constant pressures to make ends meet, etc. There is always a BRIGHT SIDE.

This is a GREAT TIME to really learn to appreciate what you currently have. Learn better spending habits, try to stick to want you need to buy,not more than the toys that you have to have and stick to the basics.

Investing is better for some since many stock prices have gone down that were up high before, and it's great time to PURCHASE REAL ESTATE!

Real Estate is solid investment. A first time buyer or someone that is looking to BUY UP is in a GREAT POSITION if the have built up equity, good credit, first time buyers have a great chance to purchase a nice home for their money, many can get a great DEAL. Contact me for the best deals around in Real Estate. Enjoy the Poem..........

My Money Poem

I want to make money to get out of debt

I’m grateful for all my hard lessons and the time that I spent

I want to learn more about life so I bloom

And leave behind memories of darkness and gloom

In spite of my debt and my bills piling high

I am blessed beyond words with the days that go by

I’m never alone and always feel loved

He’s there for me always

“The Good Lord Above”

by Lucy Korzelius


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